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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(206) 462-5330 20 seconds ago

Claim IRS lawsuit
Irs mail not calls

(401) 280-1204 2 minutes ago

No message, just hung up

(843) 861-8074 43 minutes ago

I just let my answering machine take the call. Greeting is about 2+mins long. After the 1st min they hang up!!! LOL Try Recording till your greeting is maxed out, they don't want to wait that long, plus the computer/human to stupid to hit the # (pound) key to bypass the greeting. Just priceless I say :)

(312) 526-6631 46 minutes ago


(972) 625-9846 1 hour ago

When I said hello, call disconnected. I called back and the number is disconnected.

(509) 392-6377 1 hour ago

Call said IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call the number they left. Yeah, right!

(203) 843-8352 2 hours ago

The text messages stopped only after I had my service provider block them from this number. Turns out, this text message is intended to crash an iPhone. See this article for details:

(574) 832-1457 4 hours ago

Called before 8:00 AM. Picked it up but no one there.

(209) 407-5221 13 hours ago

From Tracy, CA. Left no voicemail

(720) 452-6471 13 hours ago

This is a nonprofit organization. If you call the number that is what the recording tells you. They don't tell you which organization and with a caller ID of "I", this can only be a scam call.