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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(914) 200-4350 1 minute ago


(315) 791-4466 40 minutes ago

Boiler room in India. HANGUP ON THEM!!!!!

(303) 358-3642 48 minutes ago

Don't know who they are but they are blocked from ever calling my phone again.

(818) 890-6843 56 minutes ago

**IRS SCAM** - recording says the IRS is filing lawsuits against me, to call number (347)708-0070

(800) 318-2596 1 hour ago

Calls alot but Never leaves a message..?! If I try call back, I either can't get thru or No One knows what the call was for.
ON DNC list, but that has never stopped ANY "Co." or ANYbody!! 'Reports' do nothing either.
what's the point...

(954) 317-1847 1 hour ago

Has called before (pompano beach, fl.) but Never leaves message, or, dead air. Today left msg that IRS is filing lawsuits, to call 5092074069, a WA,DC#, that when Searched comes up "IRS SCAM".

(704) 568-3951 1 hour ago

Getting repeat calls in one day. When I answer, there's music playing. Very annoying.

(954) 317-1847 1 hour ago

**IRS SCAM** - recording says the IRS is filing lawsuits against me, to call number 509-207-4069 (read about this on the internet, and this 509-number pops up the "IRS SCAM" results as its Top Listing!)

(607) 238-3947 2 hours ago

Phishing* Scam* - unknown "credit card co." recording saying we had qualified for lower terms on our cards (of course BS*).
(Probably) stupidly* pressed "3 to be removed from their list".

(877) 439-4750 2 hours ago

Happened just today. Called it back from an outward only number (so they can't call back) and "Merriam" with an accent answered as "Puget Sound Energy."
After some inquiries, she said that if I was uncomfortable talking to her she could give me the customer service number, instead. And she gave me PSE's actual customer service number!!! Now, I knew it was a scam so this is where they hedge their bet that I would know that was the correct number and think they must be legitimate. Wow!


By the way, anyone can post here, including the scammers. Think about that before you trust some anonymous person tell you it's safe and actually PSE.
PSE's customer service number is on your bill and on their web site.
It's WWW.PSE.COM and the number is 888-225-5773... but DO NOT take my word for it. You don't know who I am, either.
Look it up yourself. It's on your bill.